Have you ever: voted not knowing the candidates?  Or skipped an election?  Do you feel concerned, yet powerless, as this election year unfolds? Then the possibilities in Circle Voting may speak to you.


The power of Circle Voting comes from our interconnected circles of family and friends —  the ones where we have direct channels of communication.


 We are building a voting force that counteracts the power of money in politics and only temporarily chooses between the best polarized options that money can buy.  This blog will develop materials that frame each outreach to a friend in the context of this larger view.    The comic and video elaborate on this.


The next step is a social media application to assist motivated voters in making a difference by locating and engaging friends in key states and races. This could be a small scale Facebook app that catches on because there are so many frustrated bystanders as control of the Presidency and the Senate is decided in a handful of states and control of the House in less than 10% of the districts.


We will provide materials for engaging with friends about voting in the context of building an independent voting force to transform politics, as well as state specific information: how candidates stand on the issues, and rules for absentee voting and registration.

A future project will build on a previous effort to make it easy for a user to make an informed vote by viewing the recommendations of their participating friends for all contests on the ballot.  This could have a big impact in primary and local elections where only 20% of those eligible vote.

Circle Voting is based on OUR connections.   Your feedback, positive and negative, will strengthen it. What do you think of the analysis, direction, and application? What would inspire you to participate?