A Holistic Approach to Our Life-Threatening Politics

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.48.45 PMOur political system has been seriously ill for a while, but I believe it reached life threatening status on November 5th, 2016. There was a massive reaction in the weeks following the election as we have all struggled  to come to terms with the new reality. We can see much pain and suffering to come, especially for people at the margins.  So far, there has been  a continual assault of our rights, health and safety from the top levels of government.

From a holistic approach to health, we know that underneath the sadness and pain of a life threatening illness there can also be an opportunity.    The  size of the threat to so much that we take for granted can force  us to  re-examine our life and  push us  to  make huge changes that we never thought possible.  The best time to begin this healing is at the onset of the symptoms when we still have resources to mobilize.  It can be a waste of energy to blame ourselves or others for the situations, or stay in the past with “if only…..”  . The power for that healing comes from within us using the resources we have right now.

The symbol of a  circle can be a guide to that power; it suggests wholeness, interconnectedness, and equality.  It is the opposite of the polarization, inequality and fear that is gripping the country.  And it can refer to our circles of life and to our Mother Earth, both of which should be at the center of our government’s policies.

If “we the people” voted from these shared values of what really matters, we would already have the power from the Constitution to force the political parties to offer us alternatives consistent with these values.  Instead the two  parties serve us fear and anger and  those divisions define us.

The vision of Circle Voting is that we can tap into that collective power through our circles Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.41.47 PMof
family and friends to share information and promote voting and most importantly to inspire others to tap into their networks.  The early efforts to put this out (see blogs) were stymied by a general reluctance to talk about politics and voting with friends and family and by an inability to connect with a larger vision.

But perhaps now, with our country’s politics at a life-threatening stage,  enough of us will open up  to new ways of thinking and step out of our comfort zones into exploring our political power.   There are numerous examples throughout history where small numbers of people, through their vision and dedication, have inspired large movements.

I am personally using this threat to push past my own blocks around  and articulating this vision of Circle Voting,  based in my 40 years  of: work in establishment media and politics, early gay liberation activism, and spiritual work.

I welcome you to engage with me in this direction with questions, disagreements, next steps…

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